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The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance. -Benjamin Franklin

We at Shine Behavioral Academy welcome your partnership in providing programing and scholarships for our students. As a 501 (c) (3), all donations are tax deductible. Our founder’s goal in establishing Shine Behavioral Academy is to increase the accessibility of individualized and appropriate education for all within the autism community, regardless of financial circumstances. Although we are a tuition based Not for Profit the operational cost to provide a specialized, quality education with a low student to teacher ratio and 1:1 teaching capacity is unfortunately high. Our tuition does not fully cover expenses and that is why we desperately need YOU to help us make a difference in establishing a program unlike any other in Tarrant County!

This goal is only possible with the help from generous donors like you!
Once you click on the donation button below you can specify how your donation is utilized: scholarship, general fund, or any current project being worked:

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At Shine our Scholarship fund was created so that ALL students can receive the education that they so desperately need. The Board awards scholarship funds to those in need based on a review of family income as well as overall circumstance. Determination is based on each family’s unique situation

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General Donations

General donations make it possible for us to continue to hire, retain and train top quality educators. Donations of this type also help to cover overall daily busines costs such as rent, school materials, furniture, play equipment and much more!