Shine Behavioral Academy

Our Mission

The overall mission of SHINE BEHAVIORAL ACADEMY is to provide customized and personalized care with behaviorally based education for individuals with autism and their families using a curriculum based on leading edge research. We believe every student can realize academic success using our unique approach to how we teach by first evaluating the child and then teaching based specifically on how they learn. We do not attempt to fit the child into an academic box, but instead seek to change our approach to suit their individual learning style.

Shine Behavioral Academy Mission Statement

Our Philosophy for Special Education

Our Philosophy

The educational philosophy is based upon the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA), with a strong focus on parent education and involvement in order for the child to be immersed in appropriate education and intervention at all times. Ongoing parent training is required and there must be a commitment by parents to partner with the faculty to help the child generalize the skills learned throughout the school day to other parts of the child’s life. The Educational Goals for each child follow an individualized “road map” of behavioral and educational goals and objectives. The full educational program can be found under Curriculum and Instruction.

Shine Behavorial

SHINE BEHAVIORAL ACADEMY offers direct clinical services such as
Speech and Occupational therapies via our partner Shine Behavioral LLC.

Our Program

Shine Behavioral Academy is a tuition-based NPO (Not for Profit) 501 (c) (3) organization.

The SHINE BEHAVIORAL ACADEMY provides comprehensive, behaviorally based special education and intervention for children with autism and other developmental disabilities in elementary age students. The educational philosophy is based upon the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA), with a focus on customization and parent education. Classrooms are kept small for personalized instruction and the number of children in each class is based on the function and abilities of the students within the class itself. Small group as well as 1:1 teaching is available for every child as needed throughout the day.

Parent involvement is essential in order for the child to be immersed in appropriate education and intervention at all times, parent/caregiver will be asked to attend at least one meeting per quarter to review child’s IEP and educational progress.

The course work at The SHINE BEHAVIORAL ACADEMY will be individualized for all students. The program will not be grade determinant, and the students will work at a level commensurate to his/her abilities. We accept both verbal and non-verbal students. Acceptance will be determined by the initial Evaluation performed prior to enrollment.



In teaching children with autism, the initial emphasis is on teaching the skills necessary to be able to learn, called “learning readiness.” These skills include attending, imitation, play, social interaction, behavioral compliance, and the ability to communicate. These Learning Readiness skills are interwoven into daily academic instruction utilizing…

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Welcome to our admissions page. Thank you for taking this first big step to enrolling your unique and special child in a one-of-a-kind program designed to meet their unique needs.

The SHINE BEHAVIORAL ACADEMY provides comprehensive, behaviorally based…

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Although we are a tuition based Not for Profit, tuition does not fully cover expenses and that is why we desperately need YOU to help us make a difference in establishing a program unlike any other in Tarrant County!
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Other Educational Programs
SHINE BEHAVIORAL ACADEMY will not offer any additional educational programs or other services such as residential placement, behavioral health services or mental health services. Behavioral health, Speech & Language Services and Occupational Therapy Services are available through our partner Shine Behavioral LLC.

Operational Hours:
Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00pm
Academics Monday- Friday 9am-3pm
Early Start program will be offered 8:30am-9am daily
Phone 682-231-2200

Our Values

Special Education
Offer Hope
To Inspire Change
Never Stop Trying
Live a Life of Excellence
Shine Behavioral Academy